Our Services

      Meals on Wheels Yolo County (People Resources, Inc.) has been providing a daily hot meal to seniors in our region for
over 40 years. It seems simple: Our central kitchen staff begins work each weekday at 4:00am, while most of us are still
asleep in our beds, preparing 350-400 hot lunches for Yolo County seniors. The freshly prepared hot food is then
delivered to sites in Woodland, West Sacramento, Winters and Davis. There, about 2/3 of the bulk food is packaged for
home delivery by volunteers. Seniors look forward to their meal and to the personal attention of a familiar visitor. The
other 1/3 of the food is plated attractively and served to seniors who travel to the 4 senior centers to socialize over
lunch. It's what we do. But we are one of the few remaining organizations that actually cook meals from scratch and
deliver them daily. Many - because of a lack of resources - deliver 10 frozen meals twice a month by Fed Ex, or they have
had to eliminate congregate dining, or they have a waiting list of hungry seniors, or they have had to close down their
programs altogether. So, what has always seemed simple, is, obviously, not so simple these days. The daily delivery of
a hot meal by a familiar volunteer is very important, and even unique nowadays. Our staff, Board of Directors and
volunteers are passionate about what we do. Our continued success is DIRECTLY RELATED to the generosity of time and
financial support by our community. We'd like to keep providing this service to seniors for a long time.