Nutritional Info

Our menus are planned by our registered dietitian and kitchen manager to ensure that each meal served is wholesome, nutritious, provides variety and tastes great.  Meals provide one third of the recommended dietary requirements for seniors and average approximately 600-800 calories.  On average, each meal contains less than 850 mg of sodium which ensures that the meals can be enjoyed by persons following a lower sodium diet.  Each meal has carbohydrate exchanges identified on the menu to help those people following a diabetes exchange system. Special attention is also paid to ensure that most meals can be enjoyed by people with different dental capabilities. These menus are then evaluated by the registered dietician from our regional Area on Aging Area 4, as well as our executive director.


Hot, ready-to-eat meals are delivered Monday-Friday to our Home Delivered Meals clients, so they can be enjoyed immediately.  If they would prefer, the meal can be refrigerated, to be warmed in a microwave oven to be enjoyed at a later time.


Clients of our Congregate Meal Program are served a hot meal, plated attractively, Monday-Friday at one of our satellite sites.