MOW Yolo Drivers' Circle




2023 Inaugural Opportunity 

Sustained Annual Support Accelerating Senior Nutrition in Yolo County



  • More than 8,000 local seniors live in poverty. Most are food insecure. These and other seniors also suffer from isolation and a lack of socialization. 

  • Meals on Wheels Yolo County's "Operation Accelerate" is building the capacity to double our impact and nourish as many as 1,300 aging adults in the year ahead. 

  • Your investment this year - and renewed annually -  drives that impact, developing the sustained support needed to ensure MOW Yolo's prowess as the senior population grows and costs for food and other essentials rise, as well. 

Click below to be recognized for your annual impact

(To make gifts via check, stocks, other securities, or to arrange payment over time please use contact info below)

Speed Demon - $50,000 - 5,000+ meals

Hot Rod - $25,000 - 2,500 meals

Trucker - $10,000 - 1,000 meals

Sedan - $5,000 - 500 meals

Utility - $2,500 - 250 meals

 To explore custom recognition options or for other questions, please contact 

Joy Cohan, Executive Director