Board List

Board Members

Professional Affiliation

Dr. James Barrett


Retired Physician
(representing unincorporated county)

Mr. Eric Miller

Vice Chair

Attorney, Business Law
(representing Woodland)

Mr. Matthew Wehner


Certified Public Accountant [Wehner, CPA]
(representing Davis)

Ms. Vicki Faye

Retail & Business Banking, including business development and retention

(Representing Woodland and unincorporated county)

Mr. Ryan Frings

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

(Representing West Sacramento)

Ms. Bridget Levich

Clinical Nurse Specialist UC Davis Health System, retired

(Representing Woodland)

Ms. Karen McClellan

Retired from medical field career
Background serving on boards serving schools
(representing Woodland)

Ms. Michelle Weiss

Retired Marketing Executive [Hewlett Packard Enterprise]

(representing Davis)